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“Coyote;Living in Wilderness


Coyote was written in 1992 while our family, then called Mountain Wind Family still lived in the lower 48’s true wilderness of high mountain, tree covered Washington State. FREE

Even as the worst drought in decades ravages California, and its cities face mandatory cuts in water use, millions of pounds of thirsty crops like oranges, tomatoes and almonds continue to stream out of the state and onto the nation’s grocery shelves.


But the way that California farmers have pulled off that feat is a case study in the unwise use of natural resources, many experts say. Farmers are drilling wells at a feverish pace and pumping billions of gallons of water from the ground, depleting a resource that was critically endangered even before the drought, now in its fourth year, began.


California has pushed harder than any other state to adapt to a changing climate, but scientists warn that improving its management of precious groundwater supplies will shape whether it can continue to supply more than half the nation’s fruits and vegetables on a hotter planet.

INCOMING CME, STORMS POSSIBLE ON EARTH DAY: On Saturday, April 18th, a magnetic filament attached to sunspot group AR2321 erupted, producing a C5-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory watched the filament split the sun's atmosphere as it hurtled away from the blast site.Part of the escaping filament formed the core of a faint CME, which is now heading almost directly for Earth. The cloud should reach our planet during the late hours of April 21st. In combination with a solar wind stream already en route, the impact could spark geomagnetic storms around the poles on April 22nd, Earth Day.

Captured an early Lyrid meteor in two of my all sky cameras. The camera also captured many bright stars and the Milky Way. This is a 1 minute image stack. —Dan Bush